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It's the off season here at Porchest HQ so things are pretty quiet. But they're heating back up and when the time is right we'll let you know what's what.

One change you can start thinking about and preparing for now: Effective 2022, we'll no longer offer potluck band assignments. All hosts and bands will make their own connections in advance, then register together. We'll make the time slot assignments and manage the master schedule as normal to ensure everything works.

Why the change? First, it reflects our long term ambitions to increasingly delegate everything but the most crucial logistics to the grassroots level. Porchfest should never, by definition, be a top-down, centrally controlled event. A couple hundred folks doing one thing is far better than one or two folks doing a couple hundred things.

It's practical, too. We've found that hosts and bands that haven't made their own arrangements are more likely to cancel, often at the last minute. We simply lack the resources to respond and reorganize at that frequency. But fear not. In 2021, almost 70% of our performers arranged their own porch by choice so we know it works. Make friends with the locals. It's fun.

If you're a potential host, be thinking about who you'd like to play your porch and line 'em up. If you're a performer, check in with any Oakhurst neighbors you know and see what you can put together. Or if you don't know anyone, use social media to find friends of friends of friends. (Start with joining the Oakhurst Neighborhood Facebook page. It's the easiest way to connect with a lot of Oakhurst neighbors at once. Leading up to when registration opens in July, you can post appeals for a host and line something up.)

Until next steps, stay well. Get in touch if you need to reach us.

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