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It's May and you know what that means. Your friends here at Porchfest HQ are ramping up for this year's fun.

Most of you know the drill but if not, here's how it works:


In early June we'll launch registration for Block Captain teams. Individual streets/blocks/zones of the Oakhurst neighborhood opt in to Porchfest by fielding a team of six neighbors to be in charge of their own area. Once registration is complete, we'll know which streets are participating and which aren't.


In late July we'll launch porch/performer registration. Hosts and performers pair up, then register together. One, one-hour performance per porch. From those pairings (which could easily number 200 or more) we'll make the master schedule, taking care to ensure separation between performance times and locations and consistent entertainment throughout the day.

If you want your street to participate in this year's event, start talking with your neighbors and get your Block Captain team together. If you're a potential host, be thinking about who you'd like to play your porch and line 'em up. And if you're a performer, check in with any Oakhurst folks you know and see what you can put together.
If you don't know any Oakhurst neighbors, we'll have a list you can join where potential hosts can find you. Or, use social media to find friends of friends of friends. (Start with joining the Oakhurst Neighborhood Facebook page. It's the easiest way to connect with a lot of Oakhurst neighbors at once. Up to and through registration, you can post appeals for a host and line something up.)


Until next steps, stay well. Get in touch if you need to reach us.

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