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Porchfest isn't really an "arts fest" kind of affair but we sure love artists nonetheless. Our efforts generate a sizable crowd and we hope DIYers of all kinds will rise to be a part of it.


How you do so is up to you. Want to work with kids, painting signs or doodling chalk art everywhere? Absolutely. Or walk the festival in Game of Thrones garb? Sure, why not? Maybe show and sell your work from a driveway pop-up tent or yard market? Heck yeah. (More on how to go about selling things here.) 


Gotta dance? Then by all means, dance!


In short, pretty much anything you (legally) want to do or create to make Porchfest a more colorful, interesting, artful, whimsical, or ridiculous experience for everyone involved is likely good with us. We're not the boss of you! 

Once you’ve worked up a plan, drop us a line and let’s talk. Maybe we can help promote what you’re up to or connect you with others thinking along the same lines. Let's find out.

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