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Musicians (or other types of performers) welcome! Solo or ensemble. The more genres the better. So long as you can perform acoustically or at a considerate, compatible volume suited to your host location, the stage is yours.

All you need to do is:


  • Clear your schedule on October 9 between Noon and 6pm (why?); 

  • Fill out the registration form below; 

  • Get assigned to perform during just one (why?) of our six, hour-long slots, leaving you five other hours to wander, mingle, celebrate music, or hustle off to your next gig.

Performer requirements: 


-Generosity and good will in the form of a freely given, one-hour performance. 


-Watch your email for notifications and connect with your porch host in short order after receiving your assignment (assignments expected late September).


-Coordinate with your porch host about the logistics of your performance (i.e. space needed, electricity needs, etc.).

-Bring whatever gear you need for the performance you want to put on. No PA, sound, or other equipment is provided by the event.


-Perform only during your assigned time (including soundcheck).

- Offer a family-friendly/PG-max performance. Seriously, if you can't recognize what's appropriate when you're being hosted in someone's home and there's likely kids running around, this isn't your kinda gig.


-Play at a sound level respectful to the neighbors and/or other performers nearby. Acoustic levels always work but common sense consideration ultimately truimphs. Think of your venue as the space between the house and the curb and adjust for that.


-Get the word out to everyone you know to drop on by.




Porchfest performer registration is now closed.


If you registered, you should’ve received a confirmation email immediately thereafter (if you didn't, check your spam folder). Now stay tuned for your porch assignment, which will be emailed to you and your host the week of September 15.


If you joined the Wait List and provided all the information requested, you may be contacted in the coming weeks and given the option of taking an available slot. So stay tuned for that.


Thanks for supporting Porchfest.