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Contribute to the venues that will bring Porchfest to life! And when we're talking porch, we're not exactly literalists here. Porches are great, of course, but so are stoops or yards or driveways. Anything residential in character and allowing for a street-facing performance pretty much fits the bill.

A simple process:


  • Confirm you live within the event boundaries;

  • Clear your schedule on October 8 between Noon and 6pm (why?); 

  • Partner up with (just one!) performer or band of your choosing;

  • Fill out the registration form below, noting details for both you and your performer; 

  • Get assigned to host your performer for just one (why?) hour-long slot, leaving you plenty more hours to wander, mingle, and celebrate music.


Don't worry. There's performers in the same boat so we're encouraging them to join our registry of available bands. If you don't know any performers personally, start there. Reach out, connect with an available artist, and line something up. And check back often as additional performers sign up.


The logistics of our schedule are basically nuts so we trust you'll understand that we're unable to accommodate special requests. If you can't meet the criteria above and below we'll see you next year.



-Generosity, hospitality, and good will.

-Watch your email for updates and for your assigned performance time (assignments expected late September).


-Be available for the duration of your slot, help as necessary, ensure appropriate volumes, and keep the performance to its assigned time.

-Serve as an all around person in charge, maintain general order in and around your yard, keep the street clear, and assume responsibility for whatever occurs on your own property.

-See a problem, solve a problem. In your yard or on the street. If it's too big, get some assistance from your Block Captains or from fellow Porchfesters. If it's still too big, call the police.

-Put out a trash can and recycle bin for your guests.


-Get the word out to your neighbors and everyone you know to drop on by.

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